Ventilation Duct Closing Systems

Our ventilation duct covers are designed to shut down the ventilation system in case of fire. Each cover consists of a flap, which can open 30° or 45° upwards, and a frame. Opening and closing is done by means of a hydraulic cylinder. The system is operated and controlled by means of operating stations, which are usually located on the weather deck. Each operating station consists of an oil tank, a hand pump, a manual valve, a pressure limitation valve, a manometer and an electric-position indicator.

  • Hydraulically operated ventilation damper systems for cargo spaces
  • Variable sizes acc. to customer`s demand
  • Optional hand or automatically operated
  • Optional with ventilation jalousies acc. DIN 83410
  • Shortest possible installation time
  • Powered by hand hydraulic or hydraulic power pack
  • Available with automatic closing from bridge panel with indication “Open” / “Closed”
  • Available with automatic closing via interface to other systems with feedback signals “Open” / “Closed