Hydraulic Systems with History

We don’t need to be the biggest, we want to be the best!

Schoenrock Hydraulik Marine Systems GmbH is a company in the small firm sector with about 30 highly motivated, enthusiastic and responsible employees. We are determined by a flat command structure. We communicate very clearly with each other, wich allows us to reach decisions very fast.


We always strive to let our customers enjoy latest state-of-the-art technology as well as provide the best possible service. The company is totally fit to offer and supply custom-made solutions. Further training of our staff and realization of technical improvements guarantees the expansion of our competences.


With a view to be successful in doing this, the company maintains well equipped production facilities in order to safeguard a good quality, and we take pride in having highly skilled and motivated staff at your disposal, for whom "around-the-clock" service still means what it means.

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SCHOENROCK Hydraulik Marine Systems GmbH
2018 - Move
2018 - Move

In early November 2018 Schoenrock Hydraulik Marine GmbH moved into its company new building, located at Businesspark Tornesch/Schleswig-Holstein.
On a total area of 8000 square meters there are 3800 square meters of production facilities available as well as office space of 750 square meters.

icon 2002
2003 - complete reorganization

After a complete reorganization in 2002, a new company was founded under the name of SCHOENROCK Hydraulik Marine Systems GmbH.

icon 1990
1990 - specialized supplier

SCHOENROCK developed itself into a specialized supplier of hydraulically operated watertight sliding (bulkhead) doors, bow and stern ramps, movable as well as fixed car decks, side shell doors and other type of cargo access equipment.

icon 1970
1970 - new challenges

As time went by, the ongoing market as well as technical developments formed of course new challenges for the company.

icon 1955
1955 - Soon after the foundation ...

Soon after the foundation of the company he began to build hydraulic operating devices for engine room skylights, as well as spindle davits to lower lifeboats, all designed for the maritime industry and fabricated in his own workshop.

icon 1950
Early 50s - Formation

Beginning of the fifties, an engineer by the name of Johann Schoenrock started his own steel construction shop in Hamburg, Joh. Schoenrock oHG.